FCRA Compliance

Consumer Reporting
for Employment Purposes

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) offers legal protection for the Consumer Reporting Agency, the recipient of agency information, or any person who furnishes information to a consumer reporting agency if full compliance is adhered to by all involved parties.

GroupOne provides complete, accurate, and meaningful information to the employer and applicant. We believe accurate information leads to honest discussions and enhanced hiring decisions.

Quality Control

GroupOne gathers and reports information for use by employers in making employment decisions. The collection and dissemination of information in this manner is defined by the FCRA as a “consumer reporting agency.” GroupOne acknowledges responsibility to both clients and consumers. We pledge to exercise fairness, impartiality, and respect for the consumer’s privacy. GroupOne utilizes extensive quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of information from any and all sources and see that such information is reported only to employers with a permissible purpose.

GroupOne reserves the right to deny participation privileges to any employer who would use the information for unlawful purposes, unlawful discrimination, or would fail to follow all provisions detailed by the FCRA or employment law.

Agency Obligations

GroupOne’s obligations center around customer service. We function like a library, storing and retrieving accurate and complete information upon request. In some cases, our turnaround time is contingent upon another entity (the courts, an employer, registrars office, etc.). But you can count on GroupOne’s commitment to fast results, and each piece of information is forwarded to the requester on the day of completion.

Our obligations also extend to the consumer. The federal government established the FCRA to ensure the rights of consumer. GroupOne’s role in the hiring process is to provide acurate information and ensure the requirements of the FCRA are fulfilled by all parties. Failure to adhere to any facet of this Federal Law can result in severe penalties. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) operates as the enforcement body to the FCRA. At the request of the consumer, the FTC will investigate any questionable actions of the reporting agency, supplier of information or user of information.

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