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Promoting Safety Since 1988

GroupOne was founded in 1988 by the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council with one mission—to create a safer environment for patients and staff. With increasing demands within the healthcare industry to hire safe and dependable employees, GroupOne set out to become a trusted partner to HR professionals.

Over the years we have gained a reputation for successfully helping our clients identify quality workers and anticipating their needs, but safety has always been at the center of our ethos. GroupOne has evolved to be one of the best background check companies in the nation, expanding our product offering to meet every hiring need.

GroupOne operates under the guidelines of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) as a Consumer Reporting Agency and licensed Private Investigative Agency. GroupOne also adheres to pertinent Joint Commission standards including HR 1.20 and “primary source” research requirements.


GroupOne understands the importance of "speed to hire." We have the technology in place to achieve the fastest turnaround times in the background screening industry.


We have a state-of-the-art online screening platform accessible 24/7 using any web-enabled device. No additional equipment or software is required.


Every GroupOne employee is a licensed and bonded private investigator.


GroupOne operates under the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as a Consumer Reporting Agency and licensed Private Investigative Agency. GroupOne also adheres to the joint Commission standards including HR 1.20 and "primary source" research requirements. GroupOne is also a participating member of the Professional Background Screening Association.

Here To Help You Every Step Of The Way

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of our system at 1-800-683-0255 or sales@gp1.com

The Industries
We Serve

We got our start in healthcare, providing quality results at rapid speeds. We have imparted that same GroupOne methodology to support other industries and tailor screening packages to mirror each vendor’s hiring needs. At GroupOne, we apply our experience in background screening to effectively vet contractors, professionals, temporary staff, and volunteers. Here’s a few of the industries we service.


We have developed an extensive set of employee screening solutions that help healthcare employers find the most qualified staff.


GroupOne offers competitive pricing, rapid turnaround times, and access to its extensive database to deliver the most comprehensive profile on prospective employees.


We understand that building a safe environment for students and staff is paramount. GroupOne offers a number of convenient solutions to ensure your reputation and institution remains safe.


When it comes to supply chain staffing, hiring managers face unique challenges in finding quality applicants that meet regulatory compliance.


GroupOne offers a number of solutions to ensure you’re hiring the right applicant. Whether it’s verifying credentials, education, previous experience or salary, we’ve streamlined the process for you to deliver accurate results, fast.
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"Our efforts to build a safe environment for students, faculty and staff have been supported by GroupOne's dependable work. They have adapted continually to our changing technological needs and their fast turnaround times have been a constant over the years.”

Why GroupOne?

GroupOne was created by a board of chief executive officers more than 25 years ago. We offer a full suite of screening solutions to meet your hiring needs.

By Providing timely and accurate information directly from the source with a team of licensed professionals and advanced technology, GroupOne is one of the most dependable screening partners in the country. 

Screening Products

  • Country, state, federal criminal records
  • Multijurisdictional criminal searches
  • Sex offender registries
  • SSN Address Trace History
  • Social Security Numbers Validation
  • Employment, education verification
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Record
  • Federal/State Sanction Exclusion checks
  • International Searches
  • ATS Integration
  • Drug Screenings
  • Credit Checks
  • Automated I-9 solution with E-Verify


We specialize in screening for the healthcare industry and can customize packages to meet your healthcare and allied health needs. All packages include the following:

  • HHS
  • OIG
  • GSA
  • OFAC
  • SAM.gov
  • Terrorist List
  • MedEx Products

Student Background Checks

Great Optiofor students in contact with patients or employees. GroupOne offers a link students can follow directly to our website. Screenings provide for:

  • Clinical rotation, externship, job shadowing
  • Pre-admission student applicants

Electronic I-9 Solution

Outsourced solution automates requests on current and previosu employees. By Speeding up a time-consuming process, time and money will be saved. 

Post Employment

Post-employment checks  are done with batch uploads with no individual data entry needed. Our competitive pricing allows you savings in time and energy. Criminal rechecks, Sanctions and MVR checks are our most popular. 


Online System

Our easy-to-use online application allows you to securely request background checks 24/7/365.

ATS Integration

GroupOne interfaces with many of the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems. 


We provide reports on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to help you manage your on-boarding process. 

Volunteer Screening

Ideal for non-profits. Whether one volunteer or 1,000 you will feel secure in your hiring decisions. 

Meet The Team

Danny Davila

Danny Davila, LPI, RACR, NAPBS FCRA Basic Certification

Director, FCRA Regulatory Risk & Consumer Advisor

Cindy Ritchey

Cindy Ritchey, LPI, NAPBS FCRA Basic Certification

Supervisor, Client Services & Consumer Information Services

Steve Fischer

Steve Fischer, LPI

Operations Analyst

David Graves

David Graves, PHR

Business Sales Representative

Delinda Bailey

Delinda Bailey

Executive Director

Diedra Harrison

Diedra Harrison

Account Representative

Important Things You Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions

When your package order is completed and submitted, the Quick Screen and History all become a part of that report.  Quick Screen and History items shown in your reports list may indicate a complete background check has not yet been submitted.

Once the order is committed, we are unable to correct or change the identifiers on an order.  If the order is not complete, you can contact Client Support to cancel the remaining items on the report and enter a corrected one.

Go to Reports > Checked Individuals List > then Viewing Options. Under “When viewing reports” check Show sources searched?

The status of “Under Review” means different things depending on the type of research.  For verifications, it is the final review before completion, but in criminal research it may require additional research before completion.

Since the state is a required field, enter XX in the state field. 

Live Chat is located within our software platform. Email to helpdesk@groupone220.wpenginepowered.com. Phone 1-800-683-0255 or direct 469-648-5099.

Go to the “Docs & Forms” tile on your home page and select “Web Demo” to view recorded webinar training and you can also find and review the “Quick Start Guide”.

Fill out the “Rush Authorization Form” located under Docs & Forms or you can send an email/chat stating your request for a rush and fee approval.  The “Rush” fee is $25 per order (not per item) and is non-refundable.  Rushes are not available for International orders.  Rush orders are flagged in the system and moved to the top of the queue for processing.

Go to “Admin” from the top menu then select “My Invoices” from the drop down. Additional options are available on the page for downloading billing data in Excel format.

Your package is defined in the first step of the order process, for more detailed questions about packages, email sales@groupone220.wpenginepowered.com.

Go to Reports > Checked Individuals List > select the Viewing Options tab.  Under “When viewing reports”, select “Append attachments to report?”  This will only work on a single report so you will need to do this for each order.

If you were given access to other accounts, follow these instructions to add orders or view reports: Go to Admin > Administration Home > Switch User.  Click on your user ID at the other account numbers to access those accounts. To add access to other accounts, please contact GroupOne Client Support.

Go to Reports > Checked Individuals List.  At the top, select the “Filter/Search” tab, check Statuses, check “Save as Default” and click on “Apply Filter Changes”.

This system does not auto-archive.  A user may choose and archive completed reports at any time.  They can archive from the Reports List, at the bottom of the list, select Archive under “Action for Selected Reports” then execute or from the “Actions” panel on the right when viewing a single request (HTML).

Go to Reports > Checked Individuals List.  Locate the order, open and view cancelled date(s) under Order Information.

Go to Reports > Checked Individual List.  Look under the “Order Date”.

In Quickscreen, if the name combinations do not match or the SSN has been entered incorrectly, “Close without Saving” then Refresh and start over.

History is previously researched verifications for employment and education.  Employment and Education history records are only available to clients that give us bulk terminations files.  Employment and Education history can also be added to a client package for $2.50 each per SSN Trace (Quickscreen).

Quickscreen is the initial SSN trace that looks up previous addresses and name combinations as well as employment and education history (if applicable).  The client selects the primary name and aliases here.  If you perform the SSN trace and do not submit the order fully, you will see a Quickscreen report that is only a result of the initial SSN trace.  Quickscreen report is $1.50.

This is the system’s feature that determines what county criminal research is ordered.  You will no longer have to data input counties for the applicant. Once an order is submitted, there is a SSN trace that runs and orders the counties to be searched.  The system is going to automatically add the last 7 years of jurisdictions the applicant has lived.  This will check the primary name and AKA’s selected at order entry.

The more information you give us to research and investigate the applicant, the more it increases our probability for locating information.  When searches are conducted, they are created by the name combinations requested.  Personal information identifiers like date of birth, social security numbers and addresses are only used for additional verification.

This is a comprehensive search for county criminal results, Sex Offender Registration, misconduct registries, and State and Federal Sanction/Exclusion databases across the U.S. This serves as a primary source check for the following databases: 50 states sex offender registries, the District of Columbia, Guam, Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and numerous Indian Tribe registries; Texas State Medicaid database; Texas DADS database; Texas DPS database; SAM.gov and all of federal databases we have always covered; Federal OIG Exclusions; Federal OIG Exclusions; Includes all state databases except of OSBI (OK), Kansas, New York, Missouri, ICORI (MA), New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Go to Admin > Administration Home > Change your Password