GroupOne, Background Screening

GroupOne provides pre and post-employment background check solutions at every level, from criminal records to national federal records. We are here to help you make a safe ad quick decision.

Background Screening

GroupOne offers a comprehensive set of employment background screening solutions to ensure you get the important facts you need to make the right decision, fast. Our employee background screening tools have been proven to increase the success of employer hiring processes by consistently helping to identify quality workers.

Pre-employment screening is more than just a filtering tool, it’s an assessment of each applicant’s relevant job potential. As your trusted partner in the hiring process, you can rely on GroupOne’s method of legally collecting and obtaining important information on each candidate’s qualification and behavior. Our goal is to simplify the process with quality information that detects risk factors, allowing you to spend more time identifying quality workers.

Pre-employment screening plays a crucial role in protecting companies from dishonest employees. But post-employment screening is equally important to maintaining a safe environment throughout that employee’s tenure. Post-employment screenings identify current flaws in the hiring process that may have missed fraudulent qualification submissions, new infractions, and even ensure the outsourced staff and subcontracted vendors meet your standards.


County Criminal Research

Specific inquiries into county court records for felony and misdemeanor charges require hands-on research of physical and digital courthouse records. These searches are performed at more than 3,100 county criminal courts across the United States and still remain the most accurate form of criminal background checks available today.

Federal Criminal Research

Because violations of federal law are not usually found in county records, GroupOne will search through federal records that can span statewide or nationally. Our research taps into the criminal and civil cases of 94 federal judicial districts including all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and three territories—the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands where federal and bankruptcy cases are heard.

Multi-State Criminal & Sex Offender

To support county searches, GroupOne can perform multi-state investigations that scrape the criminal databases of several states at once.

Statewide Criminal Database Check

Many states maintain repositories of criminal information submitted by county courts and local law enforcement. GroupOne uses these sources to supplement county criminal research to produce a more comprehensive background check.

Sex Offender Registry

Not all states maintain a registry of convicted sex offenders. GroupOne searches the National Sex Offender Public Website to find the current address of convicted offenders registered in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories and U.S. Native American Tribes.

Professional License & Certification

The GroupOne research specialists can confirm the primary source of professional licensure and certification. Our reports reflect current status, dates, and stipulations.

Instant Work History Information

GroupOne clients have instant access to an exclusive internal database of information on previously vetted applicants’ work history and education. This living database is verified on a daily basis and shared legally through the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Previous Employment Verification

GroupOne researchers will verify previous employment information provided by applicants beyond date and title, including: reason for separation, wage, and eligibility for rehire.

Verify IT Web

Verify-IT-Web Verification System

GroupOne offers a secure and instant way to process employment background screening for prospective applicants online.


Swiftly verify every applicant’s Eligibility-to-Work status in the U.S. via the Department of Homeland Security’s verification system. GroupOne automatically submits the data collected from electronic I-9 forms to the E-Verify system and returns eligibility status in real time to your dashboard. E-Verify keeps you compliant with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and provides proof of process quickly, in the event of an audit.

Education Verification

Education Verification

GroupOne will verify any degrees, certifications, and dates of attendance supplied by the applicant so you can ensure you’re hiring a qualified and trained individual.

Social Security Number Verification

Using two methods, GroupOne is able to verify an applicant’s Social Security number and check against the Social Security Administration’s Master Death Index.

Address Locator

Previous Address Locator

Utilizing Credit Header, we are able to identify the individual, previous addresses, maiden names, and aliases. This information is valuable in determining criminal search parameters.

Driving Record

Driving Records

GroupOne can validate and examine applicant, and employee licenses and previous driving records for anyone hiring employees that will operate a company-owned vehicle, heavy machinery or drive as a chauffeur. The summary includes the applicant’s driving record, significant traffic violations, previous suspensions, and court ordered actions. The scope and format varies from state to state, but most reports cover three years, or 36 months, with some states offering reports covering additional years.

International Screening

International Searches

GroupOne specializes in global and international background screening. With enhanced due diligence, we compile a full range of legally compliant service checks on employment, contractor and vendor screening, compliance, and best practices from around the world.

Drug Screening

Drug Screenings

GroupOne has a full range of drug screening services to address your program’s needs, and offers online screening requests so you can get results within 24 hours.

Volunteer Screening

Volunteer Screenings

For non-profits with volunteers numbering one to 1,000, GroupOne’s quick and accurate results can strengthen the security of your cause, your employees, and other volunteers.

Electronic I-9 Solutions

GroupOne offers a secure online solution to managing your company’s I-9 forms for U.S. employment eligibility and related state and federal regulatory compliance. Transition from paper to digital—complete, sign, and store your I-9 forms securely. Easily send and receive electronically signed I-9 forms or customize emails for employees with expiring work authorizations.

Credit Screening

Credit Checks

Credit reports are recommended on employees in a role with financial responsibilities.