GroupOne, HR Surveys

Stay up-to-date on local market trends for employee compensation averages and ranges, benefits, vacancies, and turnover for the healthcare industry in Texas. 

Human Resources Surveys

Get up-to-date information on salaries in your local market so you can remain attractive to promising talent in the field, against industry competitors. GroupOne’s Online Salary Survey utilizes a dynamic grid to help you easily sort fact from fiction when it comes to market pay.

*Must have a GroupOne Salary Survey account. 


Pay Practices

The annual survey of Texas hospital and healthcare providers offers key findings on compensation measures, certification pay, differential and shift pay, holiday pay, charge and preceptor pay, critical shortage and seasonal pay practices.

Benefit Practices

The annual Benefits Practices Survey reports findings on benefits for Texas hospitals and healthcare providers. Included in the report are the going rates for: time off, retirements plans, health, dental, vision, prescription plans, short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, tuition assistance, and professional development.

Vacancy & Turnover

The annual survey reports the job vacancy and turnover results in the nursing and allied health professions in North Texas.