GroupOne, Verification of Employment (VOE)

It is important to conduct screenings at regular intervals throughout an employee’s tenure. Post-employment screening ensures your company will minimize exposure to risk. 

Verification of Employment (VOE)

Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we want our clients to know we are here for you. We know that in today’s uncertain times, providing Verification of Employment (VOE) may be difficult. Many offices are closed. Employees are working remotely. Turnaround times are mired in confusion.

Please know GroupOne is dedicated to making your professional life easier and more secure. We are proud to announce we now offer WebVerify. Just what is WebVerify you might ask? Quite simply, it’s VOEs and Verification of Income (VOI) services. This advanced tool is designed to speed up and standardize the process of verifying your workers’ employment for lenders, social service agencies and other prospective businesses that wish to hire your former employees. By automating what had been a manual process, time and money is saved with more accurate information provided.

WebVerify is offered at no charge and could save you multiple FTE’s. It gives employees convenient access to obtain a Personal Information Number (PIN) for income verification. Whether a lender, apartment manager or pre-employment service, WebVerify makes getting verifications easy. It is the fastest and most accurate method available.

• Social Service Agencies can verify employment and income to determine eligibility of applicants;
• Employees can request their own employment and income verification at no charge.

• Easier and faster;
• Improved confidentiality;
• No more requests filled by HR for employment or income verification;
• A week or more of work to fill requests reduced to minutes.

• GroupOne’s website uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL), an encryption standard based on a public key/private key encryption scheme.

Please note: Setup costs are waived for company sizes greater than 500 employees.

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