GroupOne Services protects your information over the Internet by using a secure Web server, which allows Web browser programs (Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer) to interact with GROUPONE SERVICES’ Web server via an encrypted session. GROUPONE SERVICES employs a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection that provides an encrypted connection between your computer(s) and GROUPONE SERVICES web servers. The 128-bit encrypted connection scrambles ordinary text, or data, into cipher text to safeguard sensitive information during its journey across the Internet. The information is decrypted, or put back into a readable format, when it reaches its intended destination.

Depending on which browser you use, you will know you are in a secured area by ‘https’ or a lock appearing on your screen. When you visit our Web site, you may move in and out of secured areas.

Additionally, GROUPONE SERVICES restricts access to information that you provide only to those employees who need to know such information to provide and process the information you have requested, or to investigate matters you have requested to be investigated. GROUPONE SERVICES maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard your information.

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