Bill of Rights for “Information Age” – White House outlines AI design and use

Excerpted from a Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP Blog by Kevin J. White and Daniel J. Butler It’s no secret legislators and regulatory agencies have taken note of companies’ increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the employment context, vendors market AI as an efficiency tool that can streamline HR processes and guard against human bias […]

Are employers liable for employee off-duty crimes?

Excerpted from a Bloomberg Law Blog by Jason Knott This past summer, a Dallas County, Texas jury slapped Charter Communications with $7.375 billion in damages. The Goff v. Holden & Charter Communications, LLC verdict is exceptional due to its size, and because it penalized Charter for an employee’s criminal conduct while off-duty. Generally, an employer […]

Spectrum owes $7 billion in damages for murder of Texas customer

Excerpted from a WFAA-TV Story by Jay Wallis A Dallas County jury found Charter Communications, which also operates as Spectrum, acted negligently in hiring a field technician who killed one of its customers. The company now owes billions of dollars in damages. The jury awarded $7 billion in damages against Charter for “systemic safety failures” […]

Social Media mistakes that can disqualify candidates from a job

Excerpted from a Blog by Isabel Thottam Picture job searching as a two-way mirror. On one side, there’s you: a hopeful job seeker Googling everything and anything you can find out about your dream employer. And on the other side is your potential employer who can look in every nook and cranny online to […]