FTC and CFPB seek public comment on background screening and renters’ housing

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) are requesting comment on background screening issues affecting individuals who seek rental housing in the U.S., including how the use of criminal and eviction records and algorithms affect tenant screening decisions and may drive discriminatory outcomes. Today, renters are facing a range of challenges […]

Should I tell a job recruiter about a prior felony before being asked?

Excerpted from a USA Today Column by Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. Question: I was convicted of a felony nine years ago related to something I did when drunk. Since then, I have gone to treatment, been sober, and straightened my life out. I was contacted by a recruiter this week and now have an interview […]

How far back do background checks go?

Background checks can vary in how far back they go, depending on the type of check, its purpose, and the laws that apply. For instance, a background check for a job usually looks into your criminal history from the past seven years. The ‘seven years rule’ refers to the standard that many background check companies […]

Employers and weed crime pardons: background checks explained

Excerpted from a Bloomberg Law Blog by Paige Smith President Joe Biden’s much-ballyhooed move to pardon people charged with federal offenses for simple marijuana possession could mean renewed hopes for thousands of people with these convictions who may have been denied employment opportunities. The White House said the pardons could impact more than 6,500 people, […]