NFL player lowers the boom on activist running across the field – was it legal?

To say these days are scary public times is probably an understatement. Headlines detailing school shootings, unruly airline passengers and anti-Asian hate crimes are enough to put anyone on edge. So, when an unknown person runs onto a football field carrying a pink smoke bomb, who knows what he’s up to? If you’ve seen the […]

How does HR resemble a football team?

Excerpted from an HR C-Suite blog by Philip Espinosa Well, for starters, it is all about the team. I can’t think of any football team that ever won the season based on the efforts of a single player. From start to finish, each play requires participation from all members of the team. Yes, an exceptional […]

GroupOne staff hosts “Football Friday,” on a Thursday!

In preparation for the big Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns football game at the State Fair in Dallas this Saturday, staff members of GroupOne Background Screening held its annual “Football Friday” barbecue lunch at its offices. Now, you may ask why is “Football Friday” on a Thursday? And, that’s a valid question. Our monthly Board […]