Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Reviews Lyft Background Check Process

Excerpted from Wpxi News by News Staff How safe do you feel in a ride-share? A new state report wants Lyft to strengthen it’s background check process on drivers and improve criminal monitoring functions. “My experiences with Lyft, they’ve been pretty decent. I can say that I haven’t had a negative one,” said Kenneth […]

Uber discloses 3,000 reports of sexual assault on U.S. rides last year

Excerpted from Washington Post By Faiz Siddiqui The company had said it would examine 21 categories of sexual misconduct, in a pledge to be more transparent about the prevalence of the issues involving the app. Uber has disclosed that 3,000 sexual assaults were reported on its U.S. rides last year, the first time it has […]

Uber adds 2nd background check for NYC drivers

Excerpted from Patch By Noah Manskar Uber is double-checking its workforce. The ride-hailing giant is making its New York City drivers go through a second background check if they want to continue picking up passengers. Tens of thousands of Big Apple drivers will have to go through the criminal background check Uber runs on its […]

Uber drivers are now subject to ‘continuous’ background checks

Excerpted from a Mashable blog by Karissa Bell The ride-hailing service will be expanding its driver background checks so that drivers will be continuously monitored for certain types of criminal charges, the company revealed Friday. The change, which was first reported by Axios, will ramp up Uber’s ability to keep tabs on its drivers. Previously, […]