Gun reform: How employers can protect employees from workplace violence

Excerpted from a Hall Benefits Law Blog Congress recently passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, or gun reform legislation, that President Biden has now signed into law. Portions of this legislation may help reduce workplace violence that involves domestic abusers who pursue their partners at their workplaces. The gun reform legislation contains a provision that […]

Are employers liable for employee off-duty crimes?

Excerpted from a Bloomberg Law Blog by Jason Knott This past summer, a Dallas County, Texas jury slapped Charter Communications with $7.375 billion in damages. The Goff v. Holden & Charter Communications, LLC verdict is exceptional due to its size, and because it penalized Charter for an employee’s criminal conduct while off-duty. Generally, an employer […]

Study finds volunteers expect background checks

Excerpted from a WSAW-TV story by Hannah Borchert The start of the school year brings with it the need for volunteers, both inside and outside the classroom. “Volunteers come in with certain expectations on safety and qualification in terms of background checks and those types of things,” said Eric Spacek, Assistant Vice President of Risk […]

Recruiting and retention amidst marijuana legalization – clear as mud?

A leading drug-testing provider recently reported that positive drug tests were up 30% in 2021. That’s quite a spike! This increase has been attributed to the loosening restrictions on marijuana in the U.S. Many states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes and a growing number are also legalizing recreational use. There’s also pending legislation that […]