Hurricane Ian a reminder employers should have a disaster plan in place

As the terrifying Hurricane and Tropical Storm Ian pummels Florida, it’s probably a good time to consider your company’s disaster plan. Here’s a detailed “Emergency Preparedness Checklist” provided by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This checklist includes considerations for Human Resources (HR) in planning for emergencies. A multidisciplinary emergency planning team should be […]

Rekindling a sense of “community” at work

Excerpted from a Harvard Business Review article by Christine Porath and Carla Piñeyro Sublett For decades, we’ve been living lonelier, more isolated lives. As our social connectedness has decreased, so has our happiness and mental health. And with more aspects of our lives becoming digital, it has reduced our opportunities for everyday social interaction. The […]

Workplace Harassment in a Virtual World

Excerpted from a State Bar of Wisconsin Blog by Catarina Colon, Erik Eisenmann and Tracey O’Brien Can an employee in a virtual environment be harassed? Many individuals are familiar with online video games that permit players to play and communicate with others online while seated at their Xbox. Augmented Realty (AR) games superimpose a digital […]

How does HR resemble a football team?

Excerpted from an HR C-Suite blog by Philip Espinosa Well, for starters, it is all about the team. I can’t think of any football team that ever won the season based on the efforts of a single player. From start to finish, each play requires participation from all members of the team. Yes, an exceptional […]