At a glance: hiring employees in USA

Excerpted from a Morgan Lewis Blog by Claire M. Lesikar and Michael D. Schlemmer Background checks Are there any restrictions or prohibitions against background checks on applicants? Does it make a difference if an employer conducts its own checks or hires a third party? Federal law does not generally restrict background checks of applicants and […]

Employers can no longer treat marijuana the way they did 20 years ago

Excerpted from a Jackson Lewis PC Blog by Kathryn J. Russo and Kristina Vaquera The changing legal landscape relating to marijuana usage means that employers, especially those with safety sensitive positions or who are subject to federally mandated compliance requirements, need to review their current policies and approaches to positive drug tests reflecting marijuana usage […]

Background Screening 101 – the end of summer edition!

It’s hard to believe, but the long, hot summer is coming to an end. With that, let’s cover a few basics about background screening or, as we like to call it – our latest edition of “Background Screening 101.” What’s the law? Specifically, federal law does not restrict background checks of applicants and employees as […]