2 additional reasons a background check might be delayed

The debate continues! Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we are thankful to have such a skilled and experienced team. As stated in a blog last month, inspired by a series of Artic cold fronts hitting our community, we began considering reasons a background check might be delayed. Two more were added to the list. Please […]

Brace for impact – 5 reasons a background check might be delayed

Traumatized is probably too soft a word when describing our reaction to the famous Weather Storm Uri which slammed into Texas on February 13, 2021. Well, almost one year later winter is coming yet again, and we’re bracing for impact! A huge Artic cold front is expected to roll into Texas today with 48 hours […]

Illinois House rejects ‘ban-the-box’ law for college admissions

Excerpted from SJ-R By Peter Hancock The Illinois House on Friday rejected a bill that would have blocked public colleges and universities from asking about a prospective student’s criminal history as part of the application. The so-called “ban-the-box” proposal – a reference to questions that appear on many job and college application forms asking people […]