The debate continues! Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we are thankful to have such a skilled and experienced team. As stated in a blog last month, inspired by a series of Artic cold fronts hitting our community, we began considering reasons a background check might be delayed. Two more were added to the list.

Please note, we have no plans to ever be late with any background checks requested by clients. Every day a position goes unfilled is a day your company isn’t operating at full potential. Delays can be frustrating. The five common factors previously mentioned:

1. Weather Delays
Oftentimes, GroupOne relies on researchers and local offices to obtain reports. If these offices are closed due to inclement weather, requests can go unanswered until the staff returns.

2. Inaccurate and Incomplete Data
When employers and candidates make mistakes or provide only partial information, the entire screening can be delayed. In some cases, these oversights are not detected until midway through the process, pushing your check back to square one.

3. Changing Federal/State Regulations
Laws surrounding background checks vary according to region, leading to extra quality control if a candidate has connections to multiple jurisdictions. Navigating these complex regulatory issues without creating a compliance violation is a must as we put our expert touch on every report.

4. Outside Party Delays
Regardless of the speed of our team, as a consumer reporting agency (CRA) we are often at the mercy of outside parties. For example, previous employers and colleges may not respond to our requests in a timely manner.

5. Court Record Access
There are still many states that do not offer online portals to seek out information. Believe it or not, several states still utilize snail mail. Our team has forged great relationships with the courts and their clerks. But take it from us, clerks do not like to feel rushed.

As one of our executives brought to our attention, there are two additional reasons for the dreaded delay (we’ll call it the “Double D”). They include:

6. Dato of Birth (DOB) Redaction
In 2020, several states began implementing the restriction of personal protected information released to counties for reporting purposes. States such as California, Michigan and South Carolina are beginning to redact DOB information from criminal history. This requires additional research to ensure the match can be substantiated.

7. Technical Delays
In 2021, major counties in Georgia, Illinois and Texas experienced delays with data service providers. This slowed down the issuance of online county records and impacted confirmations of criminal searches. On an annual basis, such technical delays are becoming more commonplace as a growing number of counties and states convert to online services.

Rest assured, if any delays take place, we will keep you posted throughout the process. GroupOne never settles for a second-rate process that cuts corners. We take pride in offering accurate background checks to clients no matter your industry or company size.