Continuous employment background checks – ethical questions for HR?

The use of post-employment background checks for continuous monitoring is trending upward. With police records becoming digital, employers can oftentimes learn of an employee’s arrest soon after booking. But does the use of such technology raise ethical questions for employers, perhaps too reminiscent of George Orwell’s “Big Brother?” Today, it’s estimated 93% of companies across […]

Clear your Volunteer – GroupOne’s screening provides FCRA coverage!

Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we’ve been checking on your volunteers for over 25 years. Volunteers are screened for the same reason employers conduct background checks – to verify identity and eliminate problems that could arise from an undisclosed criminal history. Advantages of GroupOne’s Volunteer Background Screening include: • Public safety; • Legal compliance; • […]

Report shows employees never passed background checks at daycare

Excerpted from Fox21News By Brandon Thompson When Colorado Department of Human Services investigators inspected the Play Mountain Place daycare on Wednesday, they found more violations than what the original complaint reported. Employees did not pass background checks, required records were not kept, and the facility’s owner did not live at the house where the daycare […]