NJ law requires employers to warn employees about vehicle tracking devices

“Big Brother is watching you,” as George Orwell stated in his classic novel “1984.” Well, here we are in 2022 and we suppose Big Brother is indeed keeping an eye on employees, but recent laws now make it difficult to do so in secret. Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we understand vehicle tracking devices provide […]

Bill to require background checks for delivery workers following crime

Excerpted from CBS 12 News by Madeline Montgomery A new bill filed in the Florida House aims to require background screening for all delivery drivers who enter customers’ homes. “It calls for level two backgrounds checks on all delivery persons who cross the threshold of your home,” said Representative Mike Caruso. The bill is in […]

Proposed bill may require background checks on delivery drivers

Excerpted from Supply & Demand Chain Executive By MacKenna Moralez After a woman in Boca Raton, Florida was murdered in her home by a delivery driver, a proposed bill would require background checks on delivery personnel. In August, Evelyn Udell Smith of Boca Raton, Florida died after Jorge Luis Dupre Lachazo reportedly beat her death […]