Excerpted from CBS 12 News by Madeline Montgomery

A new bill filed in the Florida House aims to require background screening for all delivery drivers who enter customers’ homes.

“It calls for level two backgrounds checks on all delivery persons who cross the threshold of your home,” said Representative Mike Caruso.

The bill is in response to the murder of 75-year-old Evelyn Udell. Boca Raton police say Jorge Lachazo beat Evelyn Udell with a mallet, poured a toxic chemical on her, then set her on fire, all while he was supposed to be installing a new washer and dryer from Best Buy.

“Something needed to be done. We need to protect the citizens of Florida,” said Caruso.

The new law would also require companies like Best Buy to tell their customers when it uses a third-party delivery service.

“Right now, in our current situation, there’s an implied credibility that exists when you go to a big store that has a name and they stand behind their name. And there’s this implied credibility that somebody reputable is coming to your door to install,” said Caruso.

Representative Caruso wasn’t just motivated by what happened to Udell: his own wife had a recent scare with delivery men.

“She didn’t get attacked, but she felt very uncomfortable three men in our kitchen, standing around her, delivering a dish washer,” said Caruso.

The bill would call for companies to face criminal charges if they don’t do background checks.