Temp-to-perm hiring brings benefits when done right

Excerpted from an SHRM Blog by Ray Maurer Contingent workers—such as temps, contractors and gig workers—bring lots of advantages to organizations, including cost-efficiency, increased flexibility, a larger labor pool and access to specialized talent. They also can be prospects for hire after a trial run. Temporary-to-permanent hiring can be a successful talent acquisition strategy, especially […]

Searching for a job? Time to get your references lined up

Excerpted from The Next Web Blog by Pippa Hardy References: Didn’t they go out with the ark? These days we are far more inclined to think that all the power in job hunting lies in employee referral programs or social media recommendations, and as a result, lots of job seekers forget about the power of […]

Substance abuse has increased during the pandemic and remote work

Excerpted from an SHRM Blog by Lin Grensing-Pophal When COVID-19 emerged in early 2020, millions of employees suddenly found themselves working from home—and many will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It’s a situation that benefits many but has a dangerous potential downside for others. Amid the pandemic, mental health and substance […]

5 tips for attracting talent during the pandemic

Excerpted from an SHRM Blog by Roxi Bahar Hewertson Your budget may have taken a hit, you may have had to change course, but you can—and should—still hire top talent. The business world is still finding its footing as the pandemic continues to impact everyone’s lives. If you’re a leader who has had to cut […]