Temp-to-perm hiring brings benefits when done right

Excerpted from an SHRM Blog by Ray Maurer Contingent workers—such as temps, contractors and gig workers—bring lots of advantages to organizations, including cost-efficiency, increased flexibility, a larger labor pool and access to specialized talent. They also can be prospects for hire after a trial run. Temporary-to-permanent hiring can be a successful talent acquisition strategy, especially […]

Top-5 ways to build a diverse and inclusive company culture

Excerpted from a JAMS Blog by Joanna Saint Louis Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is a clear business differentiator. It has never been more critical, particularly in light of the pandemic which has brought about a mass exodus of professionals leaving their jobs. In the face of this challenge, companies that have built inclusive cultures […]

Navigating remote working in the post-pandemic world: 6 tips for employers

Excerpted from a Seyfarth Shaw LLP blog by Marjorie R. Culver and Caitlin E. Lane As employers around the globe consider what their organization’s post-pandemic return to work will look like, one thing is certain: hybrid and remote work arrangements will be part of the new normal. Creating a sustainable flexible work environment requires consideration […]

5 tips for attracting talent during the pandemic

Excerpted from an SHRM Blog by Roxi Bahar Hewertson Your budget may have taken a hit, you may have had to change course, but you can—and should—still hire top talent. The business world is still finding its footing as the pandemic continues to impact everyone’s lives. If you’re a leader who has had to cut […]