Excerpted from a Benefits Pro Blog by Joy Henry

Over the past few years, the scope of global talent acquisition has expanded across industries, specifically gaining traction in financial and professional services, retail, technology, and staffing. With the rise of remote work and the globalization of job markets, companies are now in a race to attract top talent from around the world.

This global labor trend is forcing organizations to navigate diverse legal frameworks, compliance requirements, and cultural nuances. With increased complexity surrounding compliance, it’s important for organizations to seek out a background screening provider that has operations around the world, global client and candidate support, deep regional expertise, local service proficiency, and reliable global fulfillment capabilities.

Developing a single framework

One of the larger challenges for multinational organizations is the ability to manage a global screening program with consistency across compliant solutions, candidate experience, and technology. When organizations partner with a single global screening provider, they have the ability to streamline the processes and manage their hiring programs across regions, in one system. Organizations can work to establish consistent global standards across the business and navigate compliance and risk management, enabling them to better compete for talent globally and hire authentic people to build a strong company culture.

Understanding global and regional screening compliance

Different areas of the world have local screening legislation and privacy laws that vary greatly. Organizations that operate globally should seek out a background screening provider that has tech-enabled solutions and in-house compliance teams, privacy teams, and outside council that partner globally. Organizations should expect to receive personal service, and identity, screening, and verification solutions that meet or exceed complex compliance standards across regions and industries. Managing risk by navigating the complex, evolving global regulatory landscape has never been more important.

Having a local presence as part of a global screening program

In addition to having built-in compliance technology, it’s important to look for a screening partner that has a physical presence in the regions where hiring is taking place, with experts that have insight into local languages, norms, nuances, and cultures. Partnering with an experienced background screening provider that has expertise in these variances ensures the necessary support structures are in place to handle every candidate, and that organizations are set up to onboard the best fits.

Partnering with an experienced screening provider will help organizations meet compliance requirements, address cultural nuances, and create a streamlined and predictable experience for candidates and teams worldwide.

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