Study finds volunteers expect background checks

Excerpted from a WSAW-TV story by Hannah Borchert The start of the school year brings with it the need for volunteers, both inside and outside the classroom. “Volunteers come in with certain expectations on safety and qualification in terms of background checks and those types of things,” said Eric Spacek, Assistant Vice President of Risk […]

GroupOne enjoys life in the fast lane as part of Accio Data race team!

As exciting as the roar of “Days of Thunder,” it’s checkered flag or crash for GroupOne Background Screening! Over the past several months, GroupOne’s logo has been proudly displayed on the professional race car owned by Accio Data. A partner since 2014, Accio Data provides GroupOne the platform for its background checks, screening solutions, student […]

Clear your Volunteer – GroupOne’s screening provides FCRA coverage!

Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we’ve been checking on your volunteers for over 25 years. Volunteers are screened for the same reason employers conduct background checks – to verify identity and eliminate problems that could arise from an undisclosed criminal history. Advantages of GroupOne’s Volunteer Background Screening include: • Public safety; • Legal compliance; • […]

It’s not rocket science – let GroupOne help with compliance!

Is your hospital compliant? With an expanding array of regulatory requirements, healthcare organizations must regularly screen physicians, nurses, non-medical employees, pharmacists, contractors and volunteers against a variety of exclusion lists. Failure to comply can result in fines and exclusion. GroupOne offers the complete package of Exclusion and Sanction Screening to keep you in compliance with […]