Excerpted from The SHRM Blog by Eva Del Rio, SPHR

You may have noticed it. You are pushing your shopping cart wearing your mask at the grocery store and you see another person doing the same, but you hardly bother to look in their direction or attempt to make eye contact. Before COVID, I was good about smiling and making eye contact with others. Now, not so much –unless I need their attention. Do you find it easier to retreat to your own world rather than decipher what’s going on with those around you?

Now imagine you are at work and everyone is masked. It’s easier to withdraw, but at work, we can’t. We have to make that extra effort to communicate with those around us.

So how can we connect better while wearing face masks?

Here are a few helpful pointers I came across:

Steer clear of clear masks –It seems like a good idea at first, but they tend to fog up, are not very breathable for the wearer, and some people find them unsettling.
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