Court issues favorable background check ruling for employers

As you well know, employers are frequently faced with class-action lawsuits brought by current or former employees. There has been an uptick in suits claiming violations of state and federal background check laws, and these would also be for seemingly minor technical errors. In a rare ruling, a California Court of Appeal recently delivered good […]

Should I tell a job recruiter about a prior felony before being asked?

Excerpted from a USA Today Column by Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. Question: I was convicted of a felony nine years ago related to something I did when drunk. Since then, I have gone to treatment, been sober, and straightened my life out. I was contacted by a recruiter this week and now have an interview […]

How far back do background checks go?

Background checks can vary in how far back they go, depending on the type of check, its purpose, and the laws that apply. For instance, a background check for a job usually looks into your criminal history from the past seven years. The ‘seven years rule’ refers to the standard that many background check companies […]

Is an employer justified in terminating an employee for inappropriate social media posts?

Excerpted from a Troutman Pepper Blog by Sean Craig Can a private employer terminate an employee for social media posts that violate internal policies? The Third Circuit, in a nonprecedential opinion, recently determined that a major airline acted permissibly in firing an employee for sharing offensive social media posts. The airline employee brought suit against […]