The complications of adding background checks to dating apps

Excerpted from a Marketplace Podcast by Kimberly Adams Last week, Tinder rolled out a new feature that allows users to pay $2.50 to check if matches have certain types of criminal records associated with a sex offender registry, arrests or convictions for “violent or harmful behavior.” The company partnered with public record aggregator Garbo to […]

GroupOne’s Web Verify – Fast, Free and Secure

Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we know that in today’s uncertain times, providing VOEs may be difficult. Many offices are closed. Employees are working remotely. Turnaround times are mired in confusion. Please know GroupOne is dedicated to make your professional life easier and more secure. We are proud to announce WebVerify, an advanced tool designed […]

Top 5 reasons people are quitting during the “Great Resignation”

Excerpted from an INC. post by Jessica Stillman There have been endless think pieces written about what exactly is driving the “Great Resignation.” Is it people leaving to start their own business? Is it fed-up, low-wage workers using new leverage to demand better treatment? Or is it professionals who can afford to be choosy? There […]

GroupOne is your one-stop station for ATS Integration!

Did you know GroupOne Background Screening is a one-stop station for ATS Integration? Our platform integrates with more than 70% of the applicant tracking systems (ATS) in use today. With an open API, new ATS/HRIS integrations can be added swiftly for little to no cost! At GroupOne, we understand the most important integration is the […]