The future of work is global—remote leaders should embrace this shift, not fear it

Excerpted from a Forbes Article by Tim Dowd Over the past few years, the concept of the workplace—and the way we work—has rapidly transformed. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, companies found it necessary to accelerate the digitalization of their operations to run effectively, both within their organizations and in engaging with customers. Technology has enabled collaboration […]

Social Media Background Checks – there’s much to consider!

A Social Media Background Check may sound self-explanatory, but in today’s screening market, there’s much to consider. What is a Social Media Background Check? It’s the process of reviewing a job applicant’s social media pages to learn about the candidate. The background check is performed using information available to the public through social media platforms. […]

Virtual onboarding: How to welcome new hires while fully remote

Excerpted from an Enterprisers Project Blog by Jo Deal This year, businesses across the globe went from talking about remote working plans to rapidly putting them into action. As a result of the pandemic, millions of people – including many who had never regularly worked from home – have been suddenly forced into their home […]

How to Create Virtual Leadership Routines

Excerpted from The SHRM Blog By Geraldine Woloch-Addamine We are going through a blurry, timeless world where any processes, defined roles, and responsibilities can increase team cohesiveness and productivity. Equally, leaders can benefit more from leadership routines to improve performance. Virtual leadership routines are essential for three reasons: 1. They help connect better with team […]