Excerpted from The SHRM Blog By Geraldine Woloch-Addamine

We are going through a blurry, timeless world where any processes, defined roles, and responsibilities can increase team cohesiveness and productivity. Equally, leaders can benefit more from leadership routines to improve performance.

Virtual leadership routines are essential for three reasons:

1. They help connect better with team members and motivate them without losing track.
2. They are the glue for consistent and intentional leadership fostering trust. An intentional leadership, “the process of deciding in advance how we want to be perceived by those we lead,” can contribute to aligning behaviors with the team or company core values.
3. Routines are TIME and ENERGY savers!

Okay, but where do we start?

For example, inclusive leadership that aims to make everyone thrive and belong can start by welcoming a new team member from another team.

A quick message can go a long way for somebody new. Short notes for recognition can also help being seen, valued, and respected.
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