In most states, employers can ask you for your credit report

Excerpted from a 10NEWS story by Emery Winter and Mauricio Chamberlin The pandemic, layoffs and other changes to the labor market have forced many people to apply to new jobs in the past few years. One viewer who was going through the hiring process said a potential employer asked to look at her credit. She […]

Up in Smoke: Should businesses still drug test for marijuana?

Excerpted from a Blog by Skye Schooley Congrats. You can finally buy weed legally in New York! OK, if you’ve ever been to Manhattan, you’ve likely already seen (or smelled) the endless number of weed shops and trucks on seemingly every corner. While we’re not entirely sure how those didn’t get shut down previously, […]

Employers should note post-midterms state law changes

Excerpted from a JacksonLewis Blog by Richard Greenberg, Susan Groff, Tasos Paindiris and Kathryn Russo As the final tally of ballots comes in for many electoral races across the country, the outcomes of the various state ballot measures that were also part of the Nov. 8 midterm elections could require changes to employers’ policies and […]

Uncharted territory – New York’s Adult Survivors Act claims

Excerpted from a Seyfarth Shaw LLP Blog by Karen Y. Bitar For any company doing business in New York, this coming November 24 represents more than just Thanksgiving. It will also initiate a one-year period in which any person who claims to have suffered sexual abuse at any time in the past (so long as […]