The future of work is global—remote leaders should embrace this shift, not fear it

Excerpted from a Forbes Article by Tim Dowd Over the past few years, the concept of the workplace—and the way we work—has rapidly transformed. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, companies found it necessary to accelerate the digitalization of their operations to run effectively, both within their organizations and in engaging with customers. Technology has enabled collaboration […]

Rekindling a sense of “community” at work

Excerpted from a Harvard Business Review article by Christine Porath and Carla Piñeyro Sublett For decades, we’ve been living lonelier, more isolated lives. As our social connectedness has decreased, so has our happiness and mental health. And with more aspects of our lives becoming digital, it has reduced our opportunities for everyday social interaction. The […]

Workplace Harassment in a Virtual World

Excerpted from a State Bar of Wisconsin Blog by Catarina Colon, Erik Eisenmann and Tracey O’Brien Can an employee in a virtual environment be harassed? Many individuals are familiar with online video games that permit players to play and communicate with others online while seated at their Xbox. Augmented Realty (AR) games superimpose a digital […]

Your Preference for Reference – GroupOne’s Reference Checks!

At GroupOne Background Screening, we make reference checks easy! Did you know we provide both personal and professional reference checks as part of our background check process or à la carte? You may choose from either standard questions or provide your own. You can have as many sets of questions or survey types as you […]