Excerpted The Post-Journal

Jamestown officials are encouraging parents not to trick-or-treat this year and chose not to set hours or hold any city-sanctioned events on Saturday.

Those who want to trick-or-treat in Jamestown can still do so.

Jamestown Police Department officials said, in a news release, that those who want to participate in giving out candy from their homes are encouraged to turn their porch lights on, wear a face covering and practice social distancing. An added precaution could be to prepare individual treat bags and to place the individual bags into a bowl or other container on the porch or entryway area for the youth to select when they come to your door. This could be supervised from a distance or through a door.

Residents who do not wish to participate should leave their porch lights off. Trick-or-treaters should then respect the light off and for it to mean the resident is not participating. Parents of trick-or-treaters should ensure that the children wear protective facemasks, practice social distancing and use hand sanitizer often. Individuals should also not host large gatherings at their homes during this COVID-19 situation.

Trick-or-treating guidelines vary throughout Chautauqua County. Below is a rundown of trick-or-treat hours and guidelines.
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