Excerpted from KMVT by Sherley Boursiquot

Twin Falls, Idaho currently asks families needing temporary assistance to take drug screening. However, another proposal under the Trump administration could ask food stamp recipients to take drug tests as well.

KMVT went on a ride with Uber driver Robin Ririe, who’s been driving with Uber for nine months and makes about $180 per week, which makes him eligible for assistance.

While some people don’t agree drug tests are necessary to get food stamps, Ririe said he thinks drug tests are a good idea, adding he believes the system needs fixing, as those that are misusing food stamps could jeopardize those that need it.

“I don’t think people who do illicit drugs should be able to benefit from food stamps or even be on it,” Ririe said. He said some people sell their food stamps in exchange for drugs. “… here’s my PIN, and that person will use the card and give it back to them until the next month.”

Lori Wolff, the deputy director from Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, said drug tests aren’t the answer, and treatment should be considered instead.

“But certainly, from a state perspective, we would definitely want to make sure there’s access to treatment for those who are struggling,” Wolf said.

The federal government has indicated drug testing food stamp users go against federal law. Still, in some states, people convicted of drug felonies can only be eligible for food stamps if they submit to a drug test.