Excerpted from ksby.com, by Kayla Cash

Legislation barring employers from initially asking job applicants if they have a criminal history was sent to California Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk last weekend.

The bill was introduced in February, the state Assembly approved AB1008 on September 15, and it now awaits the governor’s signature. Supporters say ex-felons would be able to get more jobs and potentially stay out of trouble. Lawmakers say employers would still be able to ask about criminal history but not until the applicant has received a conditional job offer.

Democratic Assemblyman Kevin McCarty is one of the politicians behind the bill. If passed, it would help more ex-felons get a second chance.

The bill would make the following employment practices unlawful under FEHA for an employer with five or more employees:
• Including questions about criminal history on employment applications;
• Inquiring or considering the applicant’s criminal history before offering a conditional job offer;
• Disseminating or distributing an applicant’s conviction history background check.

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