As exciting as the roar of “Days of Thunder,” it’s checkered flag or crash for GroupOne Background Screening! Over the past several months, GroupOne’s logo has been proudly displayed on the professional race car owned by Accio Data. A partner since 2014, Accio Data provides GroupOne the platform for its background checks, screening solutions, student screening, faculty screening, volunteer screening, drug screenings and home service screenings for hospitals across the southwest.

But back to the race pit. Accio Data sponsors a race car driven by its President Barry Boes in the Grand Touring (GT) Series. Talk about hobbies! Boes drives the No. 32 Accio Data Ford Mustang with the ARX Motorsports Team. In his first full year on the track, Boes won the Hoosier Super Tour encompassing 10 weekends at 10 race tracks across the U.S.

Over the past several months in multiple Boes races, GroupOne’s logo has been displayed on the front fender of the mean, lean speeding machine.

“We’ve had a great relationship with Accio Data over the years,” said Steve Fischer, GroupOne’s business operations specialist. “They offered us the opportunity to have our logo on the car and we thought it was a unique and fun way to spread the word about our screening services.”

Accio Data’s car has been participating in this year’s Trans Am Championship racing events in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and California. The car – and GroupOne’s logo – will next appear in the Mid-Ohio Sports Car event in Lexington, Ohio, June 23-26.

So, get out your popcorn and buckle up as GroupOne and Accio Data race for that elusive checkered flag!