Excerpted from Fox 2 Now by Kelley Hoskins

Medical marijuana became available for purchase for the first time in state history this weekend.

The first dispensaries opened in St. Louis County. The N’Bliss stores are located in Ellisville and Manchester and so far Missouri has approved 65,000 patients and another 12,000 awaiting approval.

This comes nearly two years after Missouri approved an amendment to the state constitution authorizing medical cannabis.

The ballot measure won the approval of nearly two-thirds of voters. Overall Missouri ranks fifth-fastest market out of 21 states to pass medical marijuana since 2005.

The law allows qualified patients to purchase up to four ounces per month, although stores are free to set lesser limits to ensure more widespread product availability for a greater number of patients.

Those certified as home cultivators are allowed to possess up to six plants; nearly 20,000 Missourians have been approved as home growers so far.

The sale of medical marijuana is now available to those who have a valid Missouri medical marijuana ID card.
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