Excerpted from a post by Adam Kielich of The Kielich Law Firm

Negligent hiring is a claim against a business for an injury caused by the company’s failure to properly investigate its employees for fitness to perform the employee’s job duties and that failure resulted in the employee causing the plaintiff harm in the course of the employee performing his or her job duties.

There is a lot to unpack in that explanation. Negligent hiring is a personal injury claim against an employer for a bodily injury caused by an employee. The injury may arise from the employee’s own negligence or the employee’s intentional bad acts.

At the core of this claim are two issues. First: whether the employer had a duty to investigate the employee. Second: whether the employer failed to satisfy that duty. Without this liability the plaintiff may have to pursue the employee directly for the employee’s own conduct. Let’s explore these concepts for a negligent hiring claim in Dallas or Fort Worth with an employment attorney or lawyer.

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