Blog by Danny Davila, Executive Director, GroupOne

The background industry, like most environments, revolves around laws, people and processes – and it’s ever-changing. The need for companies to have a qualified and safe workforce continues to grow, even if human resource and talent acquisition budgets are constantly monitored for expenses. Consumer reporting agencies such as GroupOne are held to high standards. We must be thorough, exact and conscientious of the consumer/applicant during the production of consumer reports, thus inspiring confidence and trust in our clients.

GroupOne extends to each of you its appreciation for your patronage. We are constantly examining the work we produce to improve not only our quality, but our response time. Rest assured, in addition to improving our technology, we will continually visit our vendors, our personnel and our processes to ensure that communication, timeliness and accuracy serve as a hallmark to our service.

I invite each of you to contact me at your convenience if you ever have ideas as to what we can do to help your efforts in managing the onboarding of your new hires. We look forward to the opportunities in 2017 including, but not limited to, new products and services from our current background research vendor; automation of post-employment employee rechecks, sanction checks and termination reports; and continued on-site visits by our staff to your workplace. Here are some of our changes in 2016.

Certification – Our leadership team pursued and secured their NAPBS FCRA Basic Certification confirmation. This assures you that our decisions, processes and guidance are based on collective, validated knowledge that is driven by FCRA policies and guidelines.

Drug Testing – We introduced pre and post-employment workplace drug testing services through our online operating system with great success. In conjunction with I3 Drug Screening, we are providing clients with the flexibility needed by today’s candidate to register, identify an accessible location and take their pre-employment drug test to comply with HR standards and expectations.

Communication and Education – Weekly and monthly communication updates regarding urgent open priority orders, policy changes and national background news was shared among our clients through email, phone meetings, on-site visits and webinars.

Please email me at [email protected] with your questions or recommendations. Later this month, you will receive a short survey requesting your input on how our service can continue to be improved. When I arrived in March 2015, my goal was to ensure our system was operating 24/7 and that we improved the time it takes to complete our research and verification. I also wanted to ensure you receive a thoughtful response to all questions and requests. Please hold me accountable if I have not met these goals, as I serve on your behalf. Let’s have a promising and productive 2017.