Excerpted from an SHRM blog by Eva Del Rio

Q: What the heck is going on with this rash of sexual harassment stories and all these guys getting fired? Now even a (formerly wholesome) household name like Matt Lauer from the Today show. It makes a nice guy like me want to clam up around women at work in fear that some coworker may take something the wrong way. What’s the best way to avoid being wrongly accused?

A: I doubt that a nice guy like you would have engaged in the behavior most of these guys have been accused of.

But I totally understand how your average working man might be spooked by what’s going on and want a bit of clarity. So, to all the nice guys out there who are scared to give a complement, or go to lunch with a coworker or simply nervous to interact with female coworkers, here’s how to protect yourself from getting wrongly (or rightly) accused.

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