Excerpted from a Top Class Actions post by Christina Davis

Car rental company Avis has agreed to a $2.7 million pay out to settle a class action lawsuit alleging the company violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Plaintiff Angela Fuller alleged in her 2015 class action lawsuit that Avis pulled her consumer report as a part of an application process for a sales job with the company. The plaintiff alleges that she did not get the job because of a mistake in her consumer report that listed a 1985 infraction as a conviction.

Additionally, the Avis class action claims that consumer reports are only supposed to list convictions for the past seven years. Further, Fuller says that Avis failed to properly inform her that they would be accessing her consumer report as required under the FCRA.

“The settlement represents a fair and reasonable resolution for class members for several reasons,” assets the motion for final approval of the class action settlement. “First, in a consumer class action brought under the Fair Credit Reporting Act…which is remedial in nature, the settlement confirms significant practices changes by Defendants which will benefit consumer job applicants into the future.”

Under the terms of the settlement, Avis will pay four Classes cash or another form of compensation. The FCRA has a two-year statute of limitations, but under the Avis class action settlement, even those whose claims fall outside of the two-year limit will receive compensation.

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