Excerpted from Business News Daily article by Chad Brooks

For job seekers and employers alike, one of the most confusing (and tricky) areas of the hiring process is pre-employment screening. From not knowing if background checks are really necessary to being unclear what employers actually look for during pre-employment screenings, Ben Goldberg, CEO of Aurico, a CareerBuilder company, said there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding background checks.

“In essence, a background check is what an employer uses to help protect against false advertising on a resume and reduce employer risk,” Goldberg said. “After all, a good business is built on people who fulfill their duties responsibly.”

One of the most common myths employees have is that the company they are applying for a job with doesn’t have a pre-employment screening process. In reality, CareerBuilder research has found that nearly three-quarters of employers today do conduct background checks at some point in the hiring process, with more than half also conducting a drug test.

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