Excerpted from an SHRM Blog by Dan Rockwell

4 principles of energy:
#1. People have energy. Lousy organizations drain it.
#2. Energy flows toward meaningful action. When people lose energy they’re doing things that aren’t fulfilling.
#3. Energy increases with clarity and forward movement. Sustained confusion drains.
#4. Leaders impact energy. Successful leaders protect, nurture, and ignite energy inside others. Foolish leaders suck the life out of people.

How to generate positive energy in others:
Energy decreases unless someone fuels it.
• First, commit yourself to generating positive energy in your team members.
• Second, adopt a system for generating positive energy in others.

System one: Listen – Care – Challenge

#1. Listen to people’s concerns, suggestions, and aspirations.
• Ask questions.
• Take the perspective of others.
• Understand aspirations. Can you list the aspirations of your team members?
• Look for aspiration behind frustration. What do they want?

#2. Care
Respect the challenges and aspirations of others. What’s easy for you is difficult for others.
• I see what you’re saying.
• I hear you.
• This seems to trouble you.
• You seem excited about this.

#3. Challenge
• What would you like to do about that?
• How can I help?
• What’s the next step?
• You have more in you?

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