Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on May 26 vetoed a bill that would have barred colleges in the state from asking about criminal history on admissions applications, saying the measure was too restrictive for schools and would jeopardize student safety.

The action came a day after he rejected legislation that would require businesses with at least 15 employees to provide paid sick leave for their workers.

The governor’s vetoes hand a pair of issues — criminal justice reform and paid sick leave — to progressive Democrats who are deciding whether to try to challenge Hogan in 2018.

State Sen. Richard Madaleno Jr. (D-Montgomery), who has said he will enter the race, and former NAACP executive director Benjamin Jealous (D), who is exploring a bid, have been strong proponents of paid sick leave and efforts to “Ban the Box” for criminal history on college and work applications.

The governor noted in his veto letter that he has backed similar reform efforts in the past, including bills to reduce penalties for nonviolent drug offenders, place additional emphasis on treatment and rehabilitation, and expand opportunities for expungement.

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