Blog by Danny Davila, Executive Director of GroupOne Background Screening

In most organization, it is understood that Human Resources is not considered a revenue driver. Some experts consider it expendable, recommending the outsourcing of talent acquisition to add to the “bottom line.” Background screening agencies such as GroupOne are routinely asked to reexamine costs to ensure a budget. There are no short cuts when it comes to the value of solid background reporting.

Talent management must always consider the risks of poor employees. If an employee discourages customers due to poor service, the result is a negative reputation and decreased revenue. The consequences of a hospital employee with a flawed background report also has a severe impact on patients and the community.

An incorrect criminal report that fails to reveal past issues because the court system was unable to provide certain records, can increase the chances an HR department hires the wrong person. The absence of valid employment verification can produce a new hire without the experience to perform the tasks.

A growing concern today is the legitimacy of education credentials. Oftentimes, they are presented as authentic when in fact the accreditation is fraudulent. In today’s marketplace, it is not unusual for employers to casually accept a candidate’s “diploma” as proof of education, only to learn – sometimes painfully – the document has no merit.

A licensed background reporting firm such as GroupOne, with solely licensed private investigators examining the information, is the best defense against hiring unqualified employees. An effective background screening company also takes the appropriate due diligence to ensure the data is defensible for accreditation and governmental audits. In addition, an organization that understands your business such as health care, and GroupOne has worked in this market for over three decades, adds value to the overall success of your talent management program.

In summary, the impact of an employer’s revenue and reputation can be significantly tested without the support of a qualified background screening company. It is important the right sources are used to ensure not only a safe community, but a stable and qualified workforce.