Do you “Clear your Volunteer?” Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we’ve been checking on volunteers of our clients for over 20 years. Volunteers are screened for the same reason employers conduct background checks – to verify identity and weed out problems that could arise from an undisclosed criminal history.

Laws requiring volunteer screening ask for a check of criminal history and sex offender registries, especially in programs involving children.

Even without a legal requirement, most volunteer organizations believe it a necessity to “clear” their staffs. As with businesses, nonprofit organizations must respond to the needs of clients in order to provide safe environments for employees and children alike.

Parents have a legitimate right of assurance their children are safe, whether at school or weekend softball practice. But it goes much further. For adults responsible for their elderly parents, they want to know their loved one is not the target of abuse or crime.

Failure to maintain safety can destroy the hard-earned trust your organization has achieved through the years, leading to loss of community support, loss of funding or even a lawsuit for negligent hiring.

In addition, for your volunteer background screening to be covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it should be conducted by a third-party screening company such as GroupOne Background Screening.

When conducting proper volunteer screening, it’s not just about providing a “good faith” effort. It is about protecting those who oftentimes cannot protect themselves – our children and our elderly.

Some advantages of GroupOne’s Volunteer Background Screening include:
• Public safety;
• Legal compliance;
• Limitation of liability;
• Protection of the vulnerable;
• Customer assurance;
• Avoidance of loss of business.

Here at GroupOne, let us “Clear your Volunteer.”