Drug testing – money in your company’s pocket

A safe workplace is a happy workplace, with decreased absenteeism, improved production and minimal turnover. An effective drug testing program is a crucial part of that safety equation.

Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we’ve been providing effective drug testing programs for over a decade. We offer state-of-the-art screenings, providing a convenient one-stop shop utilizing the country’s largest network of collection sites and laboratories.

Pre-employment, post-accident and even random drug tests are available. But our services don’t stop there. You want reasonable-cause testing? We’ve got it. How about return-to-duty testing? You bet. Electronic scheduling or complete MRO services? Yes, to all of the above.

How effective is drug testing?
Employment drug testing is a powerful tool that provides far-reaching company benefits.

Today, more than 65% of companies utilize drug testing programs. Here’s a few of the advantages:

• Organizations with drug testing programs report drops in absenteeism by as much as 50%;
• Organizations with drug testing programs report drops in workers’ compensation incidence rates by as much as 50%;
• Organizations with drug testing programs report a 19% increase in productivity rates;
• Organizations with drug testing programs report a 16% decrease in turnover rates.

Those are substantial numbers that translate, quite simply, into money in your company’s pocket.

What are the most abused drugs?
The types of drugs being abused evolve over time. While marijuana is still the number one most-abused drug, prescription drugs have moved into second place, overshadowing cocaine. Technology has played a big role in these changes, with many drugs distributed on the Internet.

In addition to standard illicit drugs, prescription medication and designer drugs must now be considered for testing. Synthetic opiates such as hydrocodone and oxycodone, also known as Vicodin or Oxycontin, are also becoming increasingly popular.

Designer drugs such as synthetic marijuana and synthetic amphetamines should also be on your drug testing radar. Known as K2/Spice and Bath Salts, these drugs are manufactured and marketed in such a way as to avoid legal roadblocks to distribution.

Monitor trends with legal counsel
An effective drug testing program promotes a safe, productive workplace. By monitoring industry trends, you can maintain your program’s effectiveness by understanding which drugs are being abused and modifying your testing. Likewise, laws and regulations will help dictate what can be tested and how that testing should be conducted.

GroupOne strongly recommends that employers retain legal counsel specializing in drug testing to review drug and alcohol testing laws in the states where applicants and employees reside, and states where they have physical locations.

Here at GroupOne, workplace safety is our goal. There is no better way to promote a safe environment than an effective employee drug testing policy. Please do not hesitate to contact at sales@groupone220.wpenginepowered.com