Blog by David Graves, Business Sales Representative, GroupOne Background Screening

Today, my dog made a mess while I was working on my laptop. I was not paying attention and, of course, he decided to dismantle his dog toy. He not only destroyed his new toy, but he left the stuffing all over the floor in every direction.

He was just being a dog. So, I can’t get mad. But what I did learn is that it only takes a second of taking your eye off something and chaos raises its canine head.

The same thing can happen with background screening. You may say to yourself, “I can hire this employee and save the extra expense and time by not running a background check. Normally, they come back clear anyway.” Right?

But as soon as you relax and skip a step, within an instant, you’re surrounded by catastrophe. Perhaps later you discover the employee has several complaints for sexual harassment. Maybe you learn this same employee is a sex offender and is now working in your company.

Within an instant, you are in jeopardy of facing not only harassment claims, but potential lawsuits because you negligently hired this employee by skipping a background check.

In the blink of an eye, or about as quickly as my dog was able to make his epic mess, you can find yourself surrounded by disaster. And all because you skipped a step.

Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you take the time and follow the steps that have always kept your business safe and protected. At the end of the day, you will thank yourself for sticking to the process and running a thorough background check on every employee you hire.

Okay, now let me clean up this mess in my living room!