During our decades of background screening at GroupOne, we’ve learned that in the business world, every employee has the potential to impact your company’s bottom line. It’s crucially important to avoid hiring the wrong candidate, which could result in costly mistakes, if not danger, for your company. Those costs are oftentimes a result of falsified information on the candidate’s résumé.

Job candidates often exaggerate credentials and even lie on their applications. While a candidate’s falsified résumé may not constitute actual fraud, an employer’s reliance on inaccurate information could result in a poor hiring decision.

GroupOne believes businesses should consider comprehensive background checks specifically designed to uncover dishonest information on job applications. This practice is even more crucial for small businesses where a bad hiring decision could cost thousands of dollars.

Studies show candidates are more likely to lie to small businesses because they assume such companies are less likely to perform background checks. Although more small businesses are performing professional background screenings today, job seekers still try to “fudge” their history.

Identifying job candidates who lie on their résumés can be time consuming. Hiring a background screening company can uncover applicants who submit false information when applying. Employers should be aware of these tactics candidates use to embellish résumés:

Exaggerating employment dates – Candidates often stretch the truth to cover gaps in their work history.

Falsifying qualifications – Candidates sometimes claim they earned a certain degree when they only took a few relevant classes. Some candidates forge diplomas or even claim degrees earned by family members. Background checking firms such as GroupOne compiles detailed databases so frauds can be immediately identified.

Concealing criminal records – The most important reason companies perform background checks is to maintain a safe workplace. Many industries, such as financial services and healthcare, require employers to obtain criminal background information on applicants.

Hiding drug habits – Employers should be aware of the tactics some candidates employ to hide a drug habit. Drug tests such as those used by GroupOne are increasingly sophisticated and can identify true positives and negatives despite the attempts of those trying to cover up their use.

It’s always a good investment for employers to take the time to check that applicants are being honest for the good of your business, your bottom line and your customers.