Blog by Danny Davila, Executive Director, GroupOne Background Screening

The pressure to hire the best talent is always significant. At the same time, members of this elite talent pool are strategically searching for opportunities among select organizations. This combination can create a dearth of talent for leadership roles. How does a background screening company relate to sourcing strategies?

The expense of contracting with executive search firms and consultants to land the next great leader continues to grow, usually impacting budget and accountability. Several years ago, while I was attending a conference on talent growth and development, it was stated that succession planning can be one of the most fiscally responsible investments a company can make.

Investment in your organization’s assessment models can create a strong talent level that ultimately inspires your company’s management growth. In addition to the various psychological, behavioral and talent assessment tools, an organization can also examine a potential candidate’s relationship to the workforce. In many situations, novice employees realize they want to be employed with a company that possesses development opportunities. Talent acquisition specialists are routinely aware of this and use this knowledge to promote such growth opportunities.

Most employee data details the U.S. workforce as becoming older. There is a continuous need to use these experienced employees, whether leaders or not, in a consultative or contributor role. There is always room for the veteran employee who perhaps was once a leader, to assist and develop future leaders for the organization. We must create supportive environments where such relationships can thrive.

A background reporting agency such as GroupOne is important in the use of progressive succession and talent growth programs. The options are many when verifying education, licenses and criminal history that may have occurred during an employee’s tenure. The vetting of internal candidates can oftentimes have the same positive results that outsourcing and recruiting an external candidate does.

In summary, investments in your employees’ growth through an internal “smart plan” has extremely productive benefits to ultimately grow your business.