Here at GroupOne Background Screening, we often see the terms “Credit Check” and “Employment Credit Report” used simultaneously in the industry.

An Employment Credit Report includes a candidate’s credit history, previous employment information, credit inquiries and legal activity. This may include bankruptcies and missed credit payments. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state regulations dictate how far back the check will go and what specific information an employer will see. Employment Credit Reports do not reveal credit scores, current bank account balances, or loan payment amounts.

The standard/personal credit report, also referred to as a Credit Check, provides details of credit activity and history, as well as the credit score.

By request, GroupOne runs Employment Credit Reports on candidates to reduce risks at your company. The FCRA recognizes this type of check for the permissible purpose of employment or continued employment. Most employers limit credit checks to positions involving significant financial access.

So, as we say at GroupOne, “Don’t Regret it, Run Credit!”

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