Excerpted from The SHRM Blog By Amy Solovay

Globally, talent shortages top the list of the most compelling risks that all business organizations are facing. This is particularly true in the healthcare industry, where shortages of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are affecting a sizable percentage of the world’s population.

There are multiple reasons for these talent shortages. For starters, government regulations dictate many of the criteria necessary for getting hired as a clinician. It isn’t an option for healthcare organizations to hire doctors, nurses or specialists who fall short of predefined standards. Cutting corners is taboo, and this makes it notoriously hard to find qualified candidates.

Furthermore, there’s a bottleneck in the numbers of nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals that can get trained at any given time. There are limits on the number of applicants that the medical schools and nursing schools can accept.

Then, once the newly-trained clinicians are on the job, the burnout levels among these professionals are high. Many people who train for healthcare careers do not remain in the industry for the long term.
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