Blog by Danny Davila, Executive Director, GroupOne Background Screening

The news is littered with accounts of companies that obtain the trust of their clients and squander it to increase the bottom line. Oftentimes, this compromises the security of their client information. The aggressiveness of companies that perform background reports increases each year. GroupOne Background Screening has been in business since 1988. We have produced numerous background reports for each major hospital system in the DFW market. The mission of GroupOne is to ensure clients receive an accurate background report as part of their standard hiring process.

Each report produced by GroupOne goes through an extensive review, in addition to a quality assurance assessment to ensure the information is produced with fair and objective reporting. We exist primarily to ensure companies have a safe workplace. In addition to criminal history checks and sanction reviews, GroupOne also provides verification of employment, education and professional licensure attainment. These services offset the labor that would ordinarily require multiple internal sources to collect, assemble and analyze information on a constant basis.

GroupOne has added new services to strengthen its ability to assist HR officials. Services such as pre-employment drug screening, post-employment compliance screening and HR surveys can be adjusted to a client’s budget and needs. Ultimately, each of our services are provided to ensure client maintains a safe workforce and comply with all regulations.

A new service provided by GroupOne in conjunction with i2Verify is designed to provide HR and payroll offices with an automated employment verification service. These offices receive numerous inquiries from employees who need mortgage and auto-loan employment verification. GroupOne can assist HR offices by the implementation of an integrated system that provides a cost-efficient solution that reduces expenses and allows you to reallocate resources to other roles.

We believe GroupOne provides an essential service to clients. We are available to discuss options on how we can support you in addressing compliance and screening needs. Please feel free to contact me at to discuss our services.